• How to Get the Perfect Glow for Winter

    The winter season is upon us, which means all sorts of fun winter activities, intimate family gatherings and seasonal photos. And while things may look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your best as you gather ‘round the tree and Zoom. With Fake Bake’s exclusive glow guide, we’re here to help you achieve that sun-kissed glow without a...
  • Fake Bake Gift Guide: Self-Tanner Gift Guide

    Fake Bake Gift Guide: Self-Tanner Gift Guide

    The Ultimate Fake Bake Gift Guide Looking to knock their socks off with a gift that brings the dazzle long after the New Year? You’ve come to the right place! At Fake Bake, we’re all about helping our customers achieve a stunning, natural-looking tan year-round. It feels like it has been ages since we spent any real time in the sun, so a good...
  • Common Spray Tan Concerns - Debunked

    You know those strange things you may have heard about spray tans? Forget about them. Whether you head to a salon or spray tan at home with Fake Bake, you can enjoy a gorgeous glow if the spray tan is done right with high-quality tanning products. That means you don’t have to fret about the common spray tan concerns, like the ones we’re debunking...
  • Keep your summer glow into fall

    Bronze, beautiful skin is so sensational, you may want to keep your summer glow into fall. With Fake Bake self-tanning products, you can. It’s not only possible to keep that sun-kissed look in cooler weather, but it’s pretty easy to do. To prove our point, we put together a guide on the best way to maintain a gorgeous self-tan for as long as you...
  • SPF/UPF Sun Protection

    Self-tanning products may give your skin a gorgeous glow, but they don’t protect your skin from the sun. Even with an ultra-dark, ultra-deep Fake Bake tan, your skin is still vulnerable to harmful UV rays. The solution is to make sure your skin is adequately protected, which you can do with the right sunscreen, clothing and additional tips.What to Look for in a SunscreenSunscreens...
  • 5 Reasons to Stop Using Tanning Beds

    Are tanning beds safe? Simply put, the answer is no. If you find yourself dreading fall and winter because you can't get out under the sun, you might be willing to visit tanning beds. Before heading to your local tanning salon, there are some things you need to know. Here are five reasons why you need to stop using them immediately: 1. UV Rays...
  • How to Extend the Life of Your Spray Tan

    Everyone prefers tanning the safe way and doing what you can to stay out of the sun to avoid the harmful UV rays. So, you are probably fully aware of the benefits of spray tans or using self-tanners, but you might still wonder how to make a spray tan last. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your tan lasts...
  • Fall Hair Colors for Tan Skin

    Are you looking for a way to highlight your tanned skin before the season changes? Like the turning of the leaves, stand out and amaze with a new hair color for fall. Wondering what the best fall hair colors might be? The right color will have you looking and feeling amazing, but also complement your tanned skin. Try our recommendations to highlight your golden...
  • Our Top 5 Moisturizing Tips for Your Skin

    We all know that dewy, hydrated skin looks gorgeous. If you've got sensitive, acne-prone or chronically dry skin, you likely struggle with maintaining a fresh, soft complexion. The experts at Fake Bake care about your skin. We are constantly searching for innovative ways to achieve a natural-looking faux tan, and we also have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of nourishment and...
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