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We believe that you shouldn't compromise the health of your skin to attain the perfect tan, nor should you have to expose your skin to harsh chemicals in the process. That's why over 25 years ago, we set out to provide you with a safe and luxurious tanning experience using tanning agents that contain no parabens.

With Fake Bake, you can trust that every product is carefully designed to provide a flawless tan that not only gives you a bronzy, sun-kissed glow, but also nourishes and cares for your skin.

About Us

Fake Bake is an award-winning company offering premium self-tanning products to help you achieve a stunning, natural-looking color without subjecting your skin to the damages of the sun. We strive to produce the most high-quality, user-friendly self-tanning lotions, liquids, sprays and mousses, as well as premium face tanners, vitiligo camouflage products and cosmetics that leave you with an unbelievably realistic faux glow at an affordable price.

As one of the original self-tanning companies, Fake Bake has been producing the leading fake tan products since 1996. Today, you can find our beloved tanning formulas throughout the world in millions of homes, at salons and even on the covers of the world's biggest fashion magazines. Hailed as Hollywood's #1 Self Tan! From the best fake tan preparation and application solutions to the most realistic self-tan formulas on the market, Fake Bake is the best way to get yourself a flawless, sunless glow.

Celebrating over 25 years of Fake Bake!

Watch our Sizzle Reel highlighting Fake Bake's legacy in the beauty industry for over 25 years! We have been at the forefront of beauty innovation for more than two decades, and our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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