Meet Jackie McDonald, co-creator of Vitiligo Vanquish

Jackie has lived with Vitiligo for 20+ years, and she is the co-creator of Vitiligo Vanquish in partnership with Fake Bake. She saw what was missing in the vitiligo coverage market, so she created her dream product for all in the vitiligo community. Her mission is to help all with vitiligo to be happy and confident in their own skin!

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"Not ashamed to have spots, not ashamed not to."

The Complete Customizable Camouflage Kit!

Fake Bake® created Vitiligo Vanquish to help all with depigmentation and vitiligo to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Vitiligo Vanquish is a better alternative to makeup that looks and feels just like your own skin! Our lightweight, easy-to-apply camouflage liquid gives the most natural looking finish that is long-lasting for all types of depigmentation. Our kits comes with everything you need for a seamless application to customize the perfect match for your skin.

See how Vitiligo Vanquish can help enhance your self-confidence!

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