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It’s pretty safe to say we’ve reached the point where everyone in society is fully aware of the dangers of the sun when it comes to our skin. Fake Bake has been providing luxurious self-tanning products since 1996, and in those years, we have discovered a beauty hack or two that will help you get the most out of your experience. We also offer a full line of Fake Bake cosmetic products that can enhance your gorgeous self-tan, giving you a deeply beautiful bronzed look, head to toe. Our Fake Bake products give you all the look of a sun-kissed beauty with absolutely none of the risk.

Beauty Hack #1: It’s All About Preparation

About 24 hours before you plan on applying any of our self-tanning products, you will want to give yourself a really good shave. Removing all of the hair in the area you are going to apply to will help prep the skin for a smooth, sunless tan.

If your plan also includes applying a good base tan to your face, you can use a little ice on your face on the day of. This will help close your pores a bit and help you avoid any excess build up when you do go to apply your self-tanner. Once you’ve cooled your face down a bit with the ice, then it’s time to exfoliate!

You can use our Coconut Exfoliating wipes on your face and your entire body to prep for application. This ensures even application and even longer-lasting color. These dual-sided exfoliating wipes turn your skin into the perfect palette for your new gorgeous sun-kissed tone, all while protecting against staining and creasing in places like elbows, knees and armpits.

Beauty Hack #2: Timing Is Everything

After you have applied any of our natural self-tanning products, it is best to allow six to eight hours for the application to completely settle in and activate. If you apply the product before you go to bed, you can take full advantage of the down time to allow the product to work while you sleep. If you’re worried about any product transfer onto your sheets, you can just lay down some towels before going to bed and when you wake up the next morning, your gorgeous tan will be set and ready for the new day.

You will want to avoid any chlorine for about 24 hours after application, so make sure to plan any trips to the pool accordingly. After 24 hours, the pool is all yours.

Then, once a week, you can reapply to extend the life of your tan and keep your sun-kissed look fresh and looking brand new!

Fake Bake Cosmetic Products: Enhance Your Tan

Once you’ve perfected your color, and you’ve given yourself the time it takes to fully set in, you can use our beauty products to really take your look to the next level.

With our Bronzing Compact, you can enhance your dazzling glow from your gorgeous base tan. Change it up daily, and even mix in our Legal Sunburn Blush to give you a perfectly healthy radiance whenever you need it.

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