• Fake Bake's Best Self-Tanner for Dark Skin Tones

    Self-tanners have made it easier than ever to get a healthy, bronze glow without the dangerous side effects. Whether you have fair skin or a darker skin tone, there are tanners for everyone. The trick is finding the right self-tanner for your skin tone. There are some things to consider when finding the best self-tanner for dark skin tones. Choose a Color that Looks...
  • Tips from Fake Bake on How to Reapply Self-Tanner

    Using a self-tanner is the safest, most effective way to get tanned. Since you aren't exposing yourself to the sun's harmful rays, a sunburn should be the least of your worries. You'll have beautifully bronze skin without the painful or dangerous side effects. If there's a downside to using a self-tanner, it's that the color is only temporary. If you are wondering how often...
  • Exciting Product Updates

    Hello Fake Bake fam! We’re making some changes to our packaging and improving the Fake Bake products you know and love with some important adjustments. You've probably noticed some of our new looks and updates on your recent orders. Here’s what you need to know about these and other exciting changes coming soon.Vegan Friendly We are proud to say that most Fake Bake products are Vegan-friendly...
  • Self-Tanners from Fake Bake: The Safer Way to Add Color

    Who doesn't love to soak up the sun? Before self-tanning products came along, your tan was from exposure to the sun. As new information came out about how damaging UV rays can be to your skin, people turned to self-tanners as a safe way to get a radiant glow. Much has happened in the evolution of self-tanners since their first introduction in the 1950s....
  • Loving the Skin You're In with Vitiligo Vanquish

    Loving the Skin You're In with Vitiligo Vanquish

    Feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in is essential to feeling beautiful and confident. We all have features that we favor and some we try to minimize, but some of us have more noticeable physical differences than others. Living with vitiligo presents unique decisions for every individual affected by it. Not only do you have to make universal beauty choices like what clothes to wear...
  • Fake Bake Explains How Self-Tanners & Sweat Don't Mix

    You want to do what's right for your body so that you can look good. That means that you probably work out regularly and apply a self-tanner for a healthy bronze glow. When using a self-tanner and exercising often, you might have questions about how the two work together. A common one we hear is: does self-tanner come off when you sweat? While the...
  • How Safe is Self-Tanning?

    In terms of health and safety, anyone who decides to use a self-tanner - whether lotion, gel, mousse, liquid or spray - is already light-years ahead of those who tan in the sun or go to tanning beds. Nearly everyone has been educated repeatedly on the danger of the sun's UV rays in causing sunburn, skin damage, accelerated aging and skin cancer. Regarding indoor...
  • How to Self-Tan Your Face

    Never fear! With proper preparation, self-tanning your face shouldn't be difficult (plus, if you make a mistake, you can always use our Fake Bake Tan Corrector & Eraser). Below is a complete guide to achieving a smooth, natural-looking and gorgeous fake tan on your face: 1. Get Ready - Before you begin to self-tan your face, eat, drink, brush your teeth - do whatever...
  • How to Remove Fake Tan

    Achieving a gorgeous, natural-looking sunless tan involves a little more than squeezing self-tan lotion on and rubbing it all over your body. Even with proper preparation, mistakes are inevitable and we end up with streaking. Sometimes the slips are in places that cannot be easily disguised, like our palms, fingertips and soles of our feet. How can we correct these little oopsies and achieve...
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