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Hot Girl Summer? Let’s take the pressure off.

The term is everywhere this year. We can’t get away from it. The promise that the summer of 2021 is the ultimate “Hot Girl Summer.” Are we ready for that? What does it even mean? After over a year of yoga pants and slippers, we may feel a bit too much pressure to make this summer all it can be. The summer of all summers. The time to reveal the true you, to check off those bucket list boxes. While we are all excited about a less restrictive summer, let’s be kind to ourselves and our expectations. Today, we're highlighting our Airbrush Instant Spray Tan, perfect for any hot girl on the go, plus introducing a special offer to start your summer just right.

What does Hot Girl Summer mean to you?

Maybe it does mean endless bikinis and river floats. Maybe it means late summer nights with a few friends and cool drinks. Could it mean taking things at your own pace and doing a few things just for you? No big reveal. No mighty expectations. You control the story.

Whatever you decide to do this summer, we want you to feel comfortable and confident. We like to think of this year as the Fake Bake Summer. Embrace it how you like, we are here to support you in feeling radiant. The idea of pulling on a swimsuit after our social respite might seem like a big stretch. (Possibly literally.) One way to instantly boost your self confidence is the easy glow that Fake Bake can give. 

Airbrush Instant Aerosol Spray 

In time for summer 2021 is our relaunched favorite Fake Bake Airbrush! Just like all of us, it’s making a comeback after a bit of a break. Our brand of liquid courage, Airbrush gives you an instant mood boost that you can apply yourself in the comfort of your own home. Why do we love Airbrush so much? Let’s dive into what makes Airbrush different and why it might be just right for you this summer.

Airbrush has a unique 360 degree rotating nozzle that allows you to evenly tan all those hard-to-reach spots. No more acrobatic maneuvers to try and reach those areas yourself! But if you want to add those, we say do it… it even sprays upside down! The effortless aerosol spray delivers a light, even mist for a professional look that used to require a trip to the salon. Airbrush contains a color guide application color, helping you to evenly apply it in just the right amount to create Fake Bake’s signature natural look.

One thing we LOVE about Airbrush is how quickly it dries. Forget any oily/wet feeling on your skin. The spray absorbs almost instantly and dries in seconds. You’ll feel clean, dry, and comfortable right after you apply. The developing time (like most Fake Bake products) is 6-8 hours, so applying in the evening and wearing overnight is a great choice. The color guide will slip off in the shower leaving behind a natural and safe tan!

Airbrush is also great for touch-ups. Perhaps you like to use one of our other tanning lotions or sprays but may want just a little extra glow today. Layer on with the easy-to-apply Airbrush and add just a little extra in seconds! It’s easy to take along in your bag for all your summer trips and get a great customizable look on-the-go.

How To Use Airbrush

Prior to applying, we recommend first moisturizing your hands, feet, elbows, and knees. (Our Mistifier Moisturizing Body Spray works great for this!) Shake Airbrush gently and make sure to wear gloves to apply. Hold the product about 10 inches from your body and spray. Go lightly over those rough areas just mentioned and bend knees and elbows while applying. Do not apply much product to your feet as gravity will do that for you as you apply to other areas. (The one time we thank you, gravity.) Finally, step back and say, “ooo-la-la!”

Pro Tip: Purchase our Ultimate Tanning Mitt to make things even easier and help with even distribution in all the toughest spots. 

Hot Girl Summer Savings On Airbrush!

To help you feel extra fabulous this summer we are offering Airbrush at a special discount in July: Buy one Airbrush and get one free! That means you can rock a gorgeous glow, on the go, all season for less. Maybe you were a little nervous about this summer. No more. Shake that can and shimmy in that suit. Summer, we are ready.

Have a Great Summer,

Your Fake Bake Friends

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