8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Self-Tanning


We all love the thrill of achieving the perfect tan, but if a beautifully even, bronze tan seems to be just out of your reach, you might be making a simple mistake. Fortunately, knowing which mistakes to avoid when self-tanning can make applying your fake tan easier than ever while ensuring perfect results, every time. Try out our tips for your next fake tanning session and get the best tan of your life.

Mistake Number 1: Choosing the Wrong Shade
We’ve all seen bad sunless tans and often, choosing the wrong shade is to blame. Choosing the right shade is crucial to achieving a natural-looking result, whether you want to go from fair skin to a medium bronze or whether you’re already lightly tanned, but want to enhance your warm glow. First, start by looking at your current skin tone and deciding how dark you want to go. Then, choose an outstanding self-tanner in a shade close to what you want to achieve. Keep in mind that exceptional tanning products will complement the widest range of skin tones. That makes it easier to get a natural-looking tan, so now is not the time to try and skimp. Need help figuring out which self-tanner is right for you? Check out our guide to choosing the right self-tanner shade.

Mistake Number 2: Not Using Sun Protection
Self-tanners do not offer sun protection. We’ll repeat that one more time for the people in the back: Self-tanners do not offer sun protection. That means you’ll still need to slather on some SPF after your fake tan if you want protection from damaging UV rays. It’s a good idea to make sunscreen part of your daily routine and to choose UV-blocking clothing and wide-brimmed hats when planning on spending time in the sun. Nothing ruins a great tan like a bad sunburn.

Mistake Number 3: Failure to Exfoliate
Exfoliation just might be the most important step in using a self-tanner. Since sunless tanner only works on the top layer of skin, you need to remove any dead skin or buildup to give your tan the longest life and the best chance at an even application. Manual exfoliation is the preferred method, so go ahead and grab exfoliating wipes or a good body scrub and loofa and go to town. Remember to exfoliate at least 24 hours before you plan on using your self-tanner. You shouldn’t exfoliate after you use the self-tanner, or you might pull the color out.

Mistake Number 4: Forgetting to Shave
A lot of prep work goes into getting a gorgeous glow and shaving is just one of them. Like exfoliation, shaving (or waxing) should be done at least 24 hours before using a sunless tanner. You’ll also want to avoid shaving for about a day after you tan to prevent removal of any newly tanned skin cells.

Mistake Number 5: Not Moisturizing Your Skin
The key to a great-looking fake tan is to get an even application, but that’s not possible if you have dry patches and rough skin. Fortunately, moisturizer can help even things out and ensure a smooth, streak-free tan. Spend some time showing your skin a little love before a self-tanning session by applying moisturizer all over and paying a little extra attention to any dry patches or rough spots. Any moisturizer will work, but an oil-free option can be used after you tan as well. Make sure that all of the moisturizer is absorbed before starting your tan. New to moisturizing? We can help with five tips for moisturizing your skin.

Mistake Number 6: Getting Your Tan Wet
A fresh fake tan is a delicate thing, and it’s important to not get your new tan wet too quickly because self-tanners and moisture just don’t mix right. Sweating, jumping in a pool or even taking a shower too quickly after using a self-tanner can ruin the look. Avoid streaks and premature fading by not getting your new tan wet for about eight hours after applying. When the time’s up, take a warm (read: not hot) shower and rinse with clean water before lathering up.

Mistake Number 7: Not Tanning Your Face

We’ve all seen women that choose the wrong shade of makeup for their skin tone, making them look like they’re wearing a mask. The same look happens if you forget to tan your face. A lot of people are intimidated by the prospect of using a self-tanner on their face, but not using it on your face would be an even bigger mistake. If the idea of tanning your face makes you nervous, Fake Bake is here to help with tips for using self-tanner on your face. Besides, if you make a mistake, you can always use Fake Bake Tan Corrector and Eraser to try again.

Get a flawless-looking fake tan by avoiding common mistakes before and after application. At Fake Bake, we offer a variety of exceptional sunless tanning products to choose from and expert advice to help you get the best tan of your life.

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