Tanning by Skin Type: Combination - Mousse or Flawless


Living with a combination of dry and oily skin does create a unique set of both issues and opportunities when it comes to finding the perfect self-tanning solution. Typically, people with combination skin have particularly dry sections on parts of their faces, like their cheeks, and then their forehead, nose, and chin will be excessively oily (the T-Zone.) Some of the telltale signs are larger pores on the nose and chin, and being prone to breakouts in these areas. As well, the cheeks can be red and dry and prone to more irritation and itching. Finding a product that can provide good coverage while not leaving your T-Zone overly greasy is tricky, but Fake Bake offers self-tan solutions that work great for combination skin.

What Fake Bake products Are Good to Use with Combination Skin?

One of the best products for combination skin is our Fake Bake Flawless Mousse. This product is lightweight, silky and buffs effortlessly, even around arm hair. It features a non-drying, long-lasting formula that will accommodate combination skin beautifully. Made so that even the most sensitive skin will flourish, you’ll get great coverage and lasting glow with every application. After tanning, you can then use the Mistifier™ Oil-Free Moisturizing Body Spray to keep your tan hydrated and looking incredible for even longer.

Another great product for combination skin is our original Flawless Self-Tan Liquid. This popular self-tanning liquid applies in effortless strokes for a radiant, streak-free glow that dries quickly and develops in six to eight hours. A built-in color guide means you’ll enjoy an even tan each and every time. With a tropical black coconut scent that feels like summer, you will fall in love with this product again every time you use it. Enjoy skin that’s nourished and glowing without appearing greasy. Even out your combination skin with this natural-looking tan.

Either of these products can be used on any skin type, which makes them exceptionally good with combo skin types. With a little prep, you can get a long-lasting, healthy glow with ease.

Skin Prep Before Tanning

Make sure you take the time to prep before application with any of our self-tanning products to indulge in your best glowing tan. Begin with shaving 24 hours ahead of time, then on the day you go to apply to your tan, use the Coconut Oil Exfoliating Wipes to prep your skin first. With the power of coconut oil, these wipes will leave dry skin feeling hydrated and plump, eliminating any creases and wrinkles that could potentially cause streaking or smearing on your elbows, knees and armpits without pre-treatment.

Our products make your self-tanning experience one you’ll enjoy and give you a professional-looking tan to turn heads. We make all of our products easy to apply with different timeframes to fully develop that range from a matter of minutes or hours. Choose the one that fits your schedule, and get ready to glow! Fake Bake provides you with a long-lasting sunless tan to have the look you love without damaging UV rays from the sun — no matter your skin type.

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