Meal prep isn’t the only prep you’ll need to look like an Instagram model.


Today’s trend of meal prep is skyrocketing as we continue to secretly idolize our favorite Instagram fitness models. (We all have at least one.) But skin prep for a spray tan doesn’t fall short of an important precaution to take when approaching a sunless tanning session.

“Skin varies in different textures from head to toe, so a spray tan won’t always develop evenly if the skin isn’t prepped correctly” says Tanya Pongrac, professional spray tanner to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Obvious ‘dead giveaways’ for a spray tan seem to almost always include orange hands, wrists, feet, and especially ankles. “I always spray the hands and feet very lightly, knowing if they develop too dark it could look artificial.” says Pongrac. Fake Bake has also created a tanning mitt soft enough to blend in any uneven areas where the tan may appear blotchy or too dark.

When spray tanning, Pongrac suggests keeping in mind the areas of the body the sun would naturally hit you, focusing on shoulders and keeping a light hand when it comes to wrists and ankles.

“Skin prep makes all the difference. Many people think they just get a spray tan and they’re done, but there is defiantly some homework on my clients’ part to be done beforehand.”

So what exactly do we do to our pale canvas prior to stripping down for a glow? Exfoliating and moisturizing in dry areas is a must.

“Many people think not to moisturize prior to tanning, but I actually suggest applying a small amount of lotion to elbows, ankles and kneecaps.”

“Vaseline makes a very handy spray on moisturizer I like to use on clients before tanning, especially if they are traveling or dehydrated.” Tanya adds, “Nobody wants brown elbows!”

Below is a suggested list of products ideal to use prior to your Fake Bake sunless tan:

Fake Bake Coconut Exfoliating Wipes ($17.50, )

Malin + Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub ($38,

Lancer Body Polish ($60,

Tea Tree Shea Butter Body Scrub ($7.99

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