• Meal prep isn’t the only prep you’ll need to look like an Instagram model.

    Today’s trend of meal prep is skyrocketing as we continue to secretly idolize our favorite Instagram fitness models. (We all have at least one.) But skin prep for a spray tan doesn’t fall short of an important precaution to take when approaching a sunless tanning session. “Skin varies in different textures from head to toe, so a spray tan won’t always develop evenly if...
  • Is the orange theory of spray tanning finally over?

    Is the orange theory of spray tanning finally over?In 2018 we can conveniently have wine delivered to our front door while we optimistically look for love on at least three dating apps, but do we still consider spray tans in the same category as Flaming Cheetos?We have all witnessed a bad spray tan; possibly been a victim of one our senior year of high...
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