Is the orange theory of spray tanning finally over?


Is the orange theory of spray tanning finally over?

In 2018 we can conveniently have wine delivered to our front door while we optimistically look for love on at least three dating apps, but do we still consider spray tans in the same category as Flaming Cheetos?

We have all witnessed a bad spray tan; possibly been a victim of one our senior year of high school, or just keep replaying the infamous Friends episode which haunts us every time we step into a tanning booth.

“You always want to work with a solution which has a yellow tone and avoid solutions with red dye” says Tanya Pongrac, Senior Brand Ambassador for Fake Bake. “I studied color theory and took classes on the color wheel which, surprisingly enough, plays a huge roll in spray tanning. The wrong undertone of a solution can ruin your entire final product.”

Fake Bake has been a leading sunless tanning product in the beauty industry for the past 10 years. It has foolproof results, offering its clients sun kissed color that could pass for a weekend in Palm Springs. In addition, it's paraben free and even safe enough for you to lay on the 1000 thread count sheets you still feel guilty for buying. It still begs the question...Why exactly does it beat out the competition and leave celebrities, most of which whose appearances are under a microscope, confident enough to drench themselves in this golden secret?

“There isn’t a single skin tone I have used the product on that cause it to appear artificial” says Pongrac, swearing by the brand’s #1 selling item, the Flawless Tanning liquid. When applied correctly, the color photographs as a healthy glow, verses the burnt, muddy look which has given spray tans a bad rep.

“My secret is to apply Fake Bake to the body but double up in areas the sun would naturally hit you; really focusing on collar bones, shoulders, and thighs.” Fake Bake also makes a serum, infused with hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin, the key secret in making any spray tan last. Our clients even contour with the serum, using it to sculpt the jawline which gives them a quick facelift prior to an event. Never has a sunless tanning product given you so much control regarding the amount of color you will end up with.

One might expect the scent to be just like the rest of them. Well, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised with the fragrance Fake Bake has chosen for its tanning line.

Expect a slight aroma of coconut included in your tanning experience and nothing that might scare off your significant other.

As the beauty industry continues to change rapidly in our fast paced, ever changing times, leave it to Fake Bake to put the ‘pumpkin tanning theory’ to rest. Golden and natural results are even more promising than your Postmates delivery arriving on time.

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