How to Get the Perfect Spray Tan: Exfoliate and Hydrate


Exfoliation + Hydration = The Perfect Spray Tan

Does the perfect spray tan actually exist? As the beauty industry evolves, some people still hear the words "spray tan" and envision unnatural results. The thing is, sunless tanning products have come a long way, and the days of bright orange, streaky skin are past us. Part of that is because we've all learned how to enhance and protect our tans.

"There is much prep and maintenance that goes into a spray tan for the results to be ridiculously good," says Tanya Pongrac, Brand Ambassador for the tanning company Fake Bake.

While sending out a thoroughly detailed email to clients including how to prep the skin for a tan and maintain the sunless glow once it's developed, Pongrac does not miss out on a single detail from head to toe.

Many people believe by stripping down and getting painted by your chosen shade of gold, you're out of the woods when it comes to self-tanning, but there is actually some homework to be done on the client's end.

Don't forget to do your homework!

"I always keep two aspects in mind when tanning my clients: Prepping the skin prior to spraying, and maintaining the tan once it's applied," says Pongrac. "I love sugar and pumice scrubs before a tan. Salt-based scrubs tend to dry the skin out, which can lead to a patchy spray tan. Right now I am loving the Malin+Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub. It's refreshing and ideal for prior to a self-tan. It doesn't strip the skin or leave an oily residue. I even have clients who will exfoliate with basic baking soda before booking a tan with me! Major exfoliation before a spray tan allow Fake Bake's serum and mist to glide on to your canvas so smoothly."

Contrary to popular belief, you actually don't need to use an oil-free exfoliator for spray tan and self-tan applications. In fact, a little bit of oil can actually moisturize the skin deeply so that it's better prepared to absorb and hold onto a little color. Plus, it won't leave your skin feeling dry and irritated like some exfoliants will. In fact, Fake Bake's convenient Coconut Exfoliating Wipes - ideal for pre-tan applications - are enriched with coconut oil to perfectly prepare skin.

But what happens after the tan?

"If your skin is dry and you shower often, the tan isn't going to have much to lock onto, causing it to fade a lot faster. I can't stress enough how important moisturizing is every day after you self-tan," says Pongrac.

She recommends rich body moisturizers such as sprays, body butters or anything really locking in hydration. Even a drop of coconut oil can prolong your golden tan.

"It doesn't have to be fancy, either. Eucerin makes a tan friendly, hypoallergenic moisturizer that extends the life of your Fake Bake tan," suggests the brand ambassador.

Exfoliation plus hydration added to your sunless tanning routine is the perfect theory to ace a red carpet glow! Get a free personal account with Fake Bake and order direct.

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