Tanning Water: Wash Away Your Worst Tanning Nightmare


Fake Bake Tanning Water Washes Away Your Worst Tanning Nightmare

Love a golden tan but love your sheets just as much? If you've ever had a spray tan, one of the first thoughts to pop into your head is, "Will this stain my sheets or clothes?" Fake Bake, pioneers in the sunless tanning industry, decided to take the worry out of self-tanning and allow you to remain stain-free under any circumstance.

Wash Away Your Worst Tanning Nightmare

As of February 2019, Fake Bake launched yet another innovation, Tanning Water.

"They took their beautiful, rich, golden color, and removed the cosmetic bronzer, so nothing actually sits on the surface of the skin during and after application," said Tanya Pongrac, Brand Ambassador for the line.

Tanning Water consists of a lightweight foam that's easily applied to the body. Within hours after application, your skin is left with their legendary golden glow.

"I get a ton of people asking if self-tanner comes out of clothes. Some of them do, some of them don't. Fortunately, Fake Bake is actually dye-free, and now with Tanning Water, clients can maintain my tans and not look too painted and artificial." says Pongrac.

Easy Application, No Tanning Stains

Tanning Water can be applied to face and body, creating a soft-focus glow, perfect for creating a tan canvas or maintaining the life of your already existing tan. Your skin is left hydrated and ready for clothing or even your favorite fresh white sheets. A luxe, super-soft application mitt is also included free with the product.

Fake Bake Tanning Water promises you to wake up to with a beach-like glow, and not a tanning stain in sight!

How to Use Fake Bake Tanning Water

Ready to give this brilliant clear self-tan sealer a go? It's easier than you might think. Exfoliate with your favorite body exfoliator - we recommend our Coconut Wipes - and apply the Tanning Water just like you would the rest of your favorite Fake Bake self-tan products. Tanning Water comes with a high-quality applicator mitt that makes distributing the product over your skin a total breeze.

That's it! Now you can enjoy your clean, translucent self-tan that won't stain your clothes or your sheets.

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