Festival Season Line Up: Is your faux tan ready for the desert?


As most of us finally submit our vacation time at work, our bodies are coming out from a long winter of hibernation and might not be “festival ready”.

Faux Tan for Festival Season in the Desert

“Spring time spray tans are always popular with my clients. They feel like the season is finally here to show off their skin and dive into the season’s newest fashion.” says Tanya Pongrac, Fake Bake’s brand ambassador.

Fake Bake has been a leading pioneer in the market of spray tanning. They haven’t met a customer who has fallen short of a natural, golden tan from their array of products. Their secret? A clean formula with a golden undertone, the perfect cocktail for any skin tone. Did we mention the light coconut aroma added to a handful of their cult favorites?

“The Flawless is so fool proof. It’s the perfect touch up to the tan I give them in their homes. It’s almost impossible to apply it incorrectly, especially with the mitt that comes with it. It makes self tanning much more approachable to our audience.” says Tanya.

Fake Bake Tanned Olivia Culpo at Coachella 2019

With festival season in full swing, most of us are flocking to the desert, or watching with envy from our Instagram accounts. But with desert heat rising and every spring statement piece being a hue of blush, we still ask ourselves what is the best way to self tan and avoid any tanning nightmares.

Your festival partner is here, Flawless by Fake Bake.

So how long until you become a festival bombshell? Four-to-six hours of developing, which could occur while packing your favorite festival outfit inspired by your top-pick influencer. (Olivia Culpo swears by anything Fake Bake) The product includes their complimentary mitt to buff out any hands, feet, elbows, or, well, any area that needs blending. The golden secret solution is also in a easy to use and travel friendly spray bottle so you control just exactly how much product is applied, fully eliminating streaks and drips.

Time to grab your sunnies, turn on some Grande and be your most golden desert babe this festival season with Fake Bake Flawless.

Order Fake Bake Flawless and other Fake Bake self-tanning products with your free online account.

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