Body Mate - An Extra Hand In Self-Tanning


If you’ve been living under a beauty rock, you might not be aware of the next move made by self-tanning pioneers, Fake Bake. This spring, Fake Bake launched a tool to take your DIY-tanning to the next level...Introducing the Body Mate.

Ever achieve the perfect golden glow at home and realize you need to phone a friend or bother your boyfriend for that one area which remains pale? Did someone say back?!

Hang up the phone and let your boyfriend off the hook, because Fake Bake has your back...literally!

Meet the Body Mate.

Fake Bake took the specs from their famous hand mitt and created a 360° tanning applicator, allowing you to apply your favorite self-tanner to the hardest to reach places. Who says you needed to be super flexible for a golden backside?

The Body Mate is the first of its kind. With two mitt-like ends to control the microfiber band, you have 100% control of just where you are guiding your glow, most recommended to use with their Flawless tanner.

“The idea is genius. So many of my clients attempt to apply self-tanner at home when I can’t spray them, and they always ask their husbands to do their backside. It’s a constant pattern!” says Tanya Pongrac, Brand Ambassador for the tanning company.

“Not everyone is super flexible so this definitely plays a huge roll in making sure your tan is even in the areas you might not pay too much attention to. It adds an extra level of pro application at home.”

Did we mention the Body Mate is reusable, washable, and travel-friendly? Your once ever so pale backside will thank us later.

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