Tinted Body Glow And Your Spray Tan, A Perfect Pairing


On Trend Now: Body Makeup Makes A Perfect Pair With Your Spray Tan

As the summer months reach their peak temperatures, most of us are opting to wear less clothing, ultimately showing more skin. Spray tanning has been known to produce a more healthy look to the skin, and allow women to look more toned and thinner to the naked eye, but is there one final step to making your body look even more radiant?

“Body makeups have really become a huge trend now in the beauty industry. It gives the red carpet effect to the everyday person and allows people to blend any uneven marks on their body,” says Tanya Pongrac for Fake Bake.

Fake Bake, proud to be a leader in the large growing market of sunless tanning, has created a cult favorite item to ice

Tinted Body Glow

the cake on your spray tan, Tinted Body Glow.

Red Carpet Ready With Tinted Body Glow

Tinted Body Glow from Fake Bake gives the skin a subtle amount of sheen without giving off the disco ball effect. “It photographs so well, especially over spray tans. It allows the skin to appear dewy and healthy,” says Pongrac.

Formulated as a light lotion, the body glow has a small amount of an added gold shimmer, easily applied to the skin with no transfer onto clothing or your favorite white couch.

“The shimmer is so minimal that it gives the body more dimension, really making your arms and legs appear more toned. It’s a great Hollywood secret that is so easy to apply and mimic,” adds the Brand Ambassador for the company.

Allow Fake Bake’s Tinted Body Glow to be the icing to your sunless tan!

Order Tinted Body Glow direct from Fake Bake. 

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