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We all love to feel the sun on our skin, but too much of it can cause not only wrinkles, sun spots and other unattractive signs of aging, but also real damage to the layers of our skin. Nevertheless, there's nothing like that dewy, sun-kissed glow our skin gets from sun exposure — or is there?

Of course, the answer is yes. You can get a great sunless tan at home, without exposure to harmful UV rays or harmful chemicals that are in some self tanners. Fake Bake offers a range of effective, affordable self tanning options that actually work with your skin's pigment to create a long-lasting glow. What's more, our products contain skin-enriching and skin-hydrating products. It's a win-win for you and your skin.

Preparing for Self Tanning

As with most products, Fake Bake's self tanners only work as well as they're applied, and part of that application is the preparation work. One of the best things you can do before self tanning is to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is simply the process of removing the top layer of dead skin cells to encourage cell turnover. You'll notice some of your facial products contain chemical exfoliators like salicylic acid. Other products, like Fake Bake's In the Buff Exfoliating Mitt, do the same thing, but work with manual scrubbing.

Exfoliating before tanning creates an even surface for a flawless glow. It also lets self tanners absorb deeper into the skin for a more long-lasting one, too.

For the purposes of self-tanning, we recommend using a chemical exfoliator on your face and a manual exfoliator, like our mitt or exfoliating wipes, on the rest of your skin. Manual exfoliators usually do a more thorough job, but they can be rough on your face's more sensitive skin.

Once you're done exfoliating, hit your skin with some hydration. Try our Mistifier™ Oil Free Moisturizing Body Spray or our Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum for Face and Body for the best results.

Using the Exfoliating Mitt

You can easily and gently exfoliate your skin prior to self tanning using our In the Buff Exfoliating Mitt. Simply use it in the shower with your favorite hydrating body wash, or just with water, and rub in a gentle, circular motion to remove dead skin cells. You can use it with your right or left hand as desired, and choose from two exfoliating levels based on your skin's needs. Remember to exfoliate everywhere you want to tan, so you can create the most even self tan possible. All you need to do is wash the mitt with mild soap and water after use, and let it air dry.

Fake Bake

Whether you're a self-tanning novice or an old pro, Fake Bake has a selection of sunless tanning options you'll love. All of our products are safe and skin-friendly, and they leave your skin with that dewy glow you might have thought could only come from hours of baking in the sun, but it's just not true.

After you're prepped your skin with our In the Buff Exfoliating Mitt, choose from a range of self-tan options. Our Original Self Tan Lotion is still a best-seller. Others might like our newer liquid formulas, designed for easy application, fast drying and a long-lasting tan.

Those with sensitive skin might opt for our Flawless Mousse or our popular Tanning Water.

Whatever option you choose, Fake Bake is here for you if you have any questions about our products. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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