Keep your summer glow into fall


Bronze, beautiful skin is so sensational, you may want to keep your summer glow into fall. With Fake Bake self-tanning products, you can. It’s not only possible to keep that sun-kissed look in cooler weather, but it’s pretty easy to do. To prove our point, we put together a guide on the best way to maintain a gorgeous self-tan for as long as you wish.

Properly Prepare for Self-Tanning

Skin that’s properly prepared for self-tanning will provide a smooth surface that’s ready to absorb the tanning product beautifully. This can enhance to look of your tan while ensuring the longest lifespan.

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, dirt and makeup that could otherwise interfere with an even application. The smoother your skin is from the start, the more consistent your tan will be. You can exfoliate with a scrub in the shower, or skip the shower and use an exfoliating product that works on dry skin. Fake Bake Coconut Exfoliating Wipes are a fast and easy choice. They feature an abrasive side you simply wipe over your skin.

You also want to make sure you remove all perfume, deodorant, or anything else that may interfere with the application of your tanning product. A quick rinse under cool water does the trick. It removes any lingering lotions, films or oils and shrinks skin pores so the self-tanning solution doesn’t absorb into them, resulting in an uneven tan.

Another way to ensure skin pores don’t absorb excess self-tanner is to shave or wax 24 hours before or after application. That provides plenty of time for pores to return to normal size.

Give your skin a boost of hydration before you begin, and make sure you have all the right accessories at the ready. A lightweight, oil-free body moisturizer or moisturizing body spray can take care of the hydration part. Pay special attention to any dry areas, like elbows and knees. Make sure the moisturizer is completely absorbed and your skin is dry before you begin. Self-tanning mitts, gloves and other handy tanning accessories can make the application smooth and easy.

Apply Self-Tanner Properly

Whether you’re going for a Fake Bake lotion, liquid, gel, serum or mousse, proper application is a must. Read and follow the instructions on each product for best results. A few general tips can also help ensure a smooth and easy application:

Start from your feet and work your way up. This way you won’t get any lines or smudges from bending over at the end of the application process.

Save your arms and hands for last, as they’ll be constantly moving around as you’re applying the self-tanner.

Cover larger areas first, then move to the elbows, knees and other detailed areas.

Use a tanning mitt or glove if the instructions tell you to.

Don’t forget your face. Fake Bake products can be used on all areas of the body, including your face. You need to make sure your face has the same sensational tan as the rest of your body.

Practice Proper Self-Tanning Aftercare

When it comes to self-tanning aftercare, you are totally in control. The better you care for your skin, the longer your beautiful bronze glow is bound to last. One of the most important steps is to keep your skin hydrated. Use a body moisturizer on a daily basis. Applying a high-quality body and face moisturizer prevents your skin from drying out, which could result in creases and streaks.

Another important tip is to keep your skin protected. Use a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher. Self-tanning products do not protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Using a sunscreen can protect your skin as well as your tan. Pay extra attention to your face and hands, since you wash them frequently. Sunscreen is not just for summer. It needs to be used anytime you’re outside, all year long.

Avoiding harsh products and elements also helps maintain your tan for as long as possible. While you want to exfoliate before you tan, you don’t want to exfoliate afterwards. It could reduce the lifespan of your tan. The same holds true for skin products like acne treatments and retinols.

Harsh elements refer to things like chlorine in pools and salt water in oceans. There is probably less of a chance you’ll be swimming in either as the weather cools down, but it’s important to know just the same.

Keep in mind that excessive sweating can also diminish your tan. That doesn’t mean you necessarily want to stop all vigorous exercise if that’s your thing, but it does mean you may have to apply a self-tanner more frequently.

With proper preparation, application and aftercare, your summer glow is set to have a long lifespan. Like any tan, it will eventually fade, which is where the final part of your maintenance plan comes in. Apply Fake Bake self-tanner as you notice your glow start to fade, following the same game plan you used from the start. Then expect your skin to shimmer and shine well into the fall, and even the winter if you wish. Check out our selection of self-tanners to start today.

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