Fake Bake Explains How Self-Tanners & Sweat Don't Mix


You want to do what's right for your body so that you can look good. That means that you probably work out regularly and apply a self-tanner for a healthy bronze glow. When using a self-tanner and exercising often, you might have questions about how the two work together.

A common one we hear is: does self-tanner come off when you sweat? While the answer to that is yes, there are steps you can take to minimize the streaks or other issues that might occur while sweating and using a self-tanner. The easiest solution is finding a self-tanner that won't sweat off, but you can also use the following tips to help protect your tan.

Time it Just Right

Your tan is most vulnerable to moisture right after you apply. To ensure it doesn't streak, avoid getting wet. This means staying inside if it's raining and skipping swimming. Maybe you're wondering, "How long after a spray tan can I sweat?" You should wait for at least eight hours after self-tanning before jumping into your workout routine.

Depending on the type of tanner you use, it can take between four and eight hours for the color to develop. If you get it wet or sweat before allowing it to develop completely, your tan may end up looking faded or streaky. Wait at least eight hours before you exercise after applying self-tanner, if not more.

Add Moisturizer

Keep in mind that you don't want to moisturize in those first few hours after applying a self-tanner (and if you use the right self-tanning product, you won't have to). Like water, moisturizer applied too soon can make your tan look streaky.

After you have allowed your tan to set for at least eight hours, use moisturizer before you exercise. Applying lotion can lock the color into your skin and prevent your sweat from drying out your skin.

You might also want to consider using a more gradual tanner. This is the best option for keeping your skin hydrated and your color looking fantastic.

Apply Baby Powder

Try putting baby powder on your body before you work out. Doing so will catch your sweat before it has a chance to fade or streak your tan. Consider applying it to your armpits, ankles, the back of your knees and other areas that tend to sweat more.

Shower as Soon as Possible

Wearing appropriate workout clothes is essential to having freedom of movement and getting sweat wicked away from your body, but these tight-fitting outfits can also wreak havoc on your tan. When you are done working out, you want to get out of your sweaty clothes and hop into the shower as soon as you can. The longer you keep your workout clothes on, the more likely it will be that you'll get streaks and other strange patterns in your self-tan.

As another option, consider wearing tight but breathable workout attire. If air can flow against your skin, this can reduce the amount of sweat that sits on the surface and impacts your tan. Wearing seamless leggings can also reduce the chances of patterns forming in your tan.

Use the Right Tanning Product

With a broad range of tanning products available on the market, some self-tanners are of higher quality than others. Finding a sweatproof self-tanner that's proven to be sweatproof is the best way to ensure that the color doesn't fade or streak while exercising. You might also consider using a gradual tanning lotion, which allows you to add color on top of color and can hide any flaws or color buildup that might occur.

Taking the time to find the right self-tanning product is essential if you want your tan to look amazing. Excessive sweating will take a toll on your tan unless you take the necessary steps to keep it looking radiant.

Carry a Self-Tanning Survival Kit

If you find that your exercising causes streaks or blotches in your tan despite your best efforts, then having a survival kit can help. If you have quick access to a tan corrector or tanning lotion, this will let you touch up and correct your tan right after you work out. By keeping these items in your gym bag, you'll be able to maintain your sun-kissed glow and look fantastic!

The Products You Need

When it comes to self-tanning that can outlast exercise and give you a natural-looking glow, Fake Bake has exactly what you're looking for. Whether you need a gradual tanning lotion to keep your color even and your skin hydrated or you want to make a statement with a dark tan, you can find the products you need in our selection. Head on over to the website to find all the self-tanner products you're looking for!

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