Can You Tan Through Your Self Tanner?


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Self-tanners are a great way to get a natural-looking tan without having to spend hours in the sun. But can you still tan if you're using self-tanner? 

The answer is yes! The self-tanner does not block UV rays, so you can still get a tan even if you're using a self-tanner. While the self-tanner will make your skin look like you've spent some time in the sun it won't actually block the UV rays from reaching your skin. If the UV rays are getting to your skin then you can still tan or get a sunburn, even with self-tanner on.

How Self-Tanners Bronze Your Skin

All self-tanners contain an ingredient that reacts with the cells in the top layer of your skin. When you apply the self-tanning lotion, mousse or water to your body, the formula is exposed to oxygen, and your skin becomes darker. This reaction gives your skin a healthy, beautiful glow.

Since the self-tanner only exists in the top layer of your skin, it won’t last forever. Your body is constantly shedding skin cells, and as they flake away, your tan goes with them. The only way to maintain your glow is to reapply your fake tan. It’s important to realize that a real tan doesn’t last forever, either. As soon as you stop exposing yourself to the sun, your tan will fade.

Self-Tanners and Real Tanning

Deciding to use a self-tanner is a healthy, safe way to get a natural-looking tan. It reduces the risk of developing skin cancer, getting burned by the sun and forming wrinkles. It’s important to realize that most self-tanners don’t protect you from the sun - they don’t contain SPF. There are a few that do, but the number is fairly low. Most dermatologists recommend using sunscreen with at least 15 SPF before heading outside.

You can tan through your self-tanner, and you can also burn. Before heading out to the beach, the side of the pool or to a picnic and after applying your fake tan, you should also be applying sunscreen.

Sunscreen should be non-negotiable anytime you head outside. It’s the best way to protect your skin from damaging UV rays and reduce the risk of developing cancer and aging prematurely. You’ve already taken the step to use a self-tanner. Go one further and apply sunscreen to your beautifully bronzed skin to keep it glowing and radiant.

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Getting a Natural Glow

Finding a safe sunless tanner that makes your skin glow doesn’t have to be hard. At Fake Bake, we have a wide assortment of tanners for every skin tone and type. You’ll look radiant whether you plan on spending time at the beach or heading to work. The products you should consider using include the following:

  • Flawless Self-Tan Liquid

You apply this luxurious self-tanning liquid with gliding strokes. In six to eight hours, your skin will shine with a radiant, natural-looking tan. This formula is fast drying and results in a streak-free tan. When you use an application mitt, you can be sure that you are applying this product evenly to your entire body.

  • DoubleShot Espresso Gel Self-Tanner

Applying the DoubleShot Espresso Gel Self-Tanner will give you a deep, dark complexion. This tanner is great to use when building an existing tan or to create a dark, dramatic tan.

When you use application gloves to apply this tanner, you can expect the process to go smoothly. The gel formula reduces the chances of streaks forming. The self-tanner is infused with a coffee fragrance, which can perk you up and get you ready for whatever the day might bring.

  • Fair Gradual Self-Tan Lotion

Should you be looking for the best self-tanner for fair skin, then the Fair Gradual Self-Tan Lotion is for you. You won’t have to worry about looking orangish when you use this product. It gives you a radiant, lit-from-within glow that is natural and gorgeous.

To make your tan darker, you can apply this lotion over consecutive days. Not only will this give you color, but it will also even out your skin tone. It’s the perfect choice to build your tan slowly to give your fair skin a sun-kissed look without being exposed to harmful UV rays.

Look Good and Protect Your Skin

You already know how damaging the sun can be to your skin, which is why you’ve opted to use self-tanners instead of sunbathing and exposing yourself to damaging UV rays. Fake tans can give you the bronze glow you’ve been wanting, but not all products will protect you when you head outside.

It’s possible to tan through your self-tanner - there’s also the risk of getting a sunburn. To protect your skin, it’s advised that you wear sunscreen every time you head outdoors.

When it comes to the products that will make your skin radiant, check out what Fake Bake has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a dark, dramatic shade or you want your skin to tan gradually, we have what you’re looking for.

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