Best Self-Tanner for Insta-Ready Pics and Online Dates


Not going out much these days? Nobody is, what with new crises popping up seemingly every day. Working from home is the new normal for many of us, as is schooling, entertaining and even dating from home. Thank goodness for the internet, right?

Who doesn't love to look great in pictures? A deep, glowing tan is the best excuse for a photo op, but it may be tough to accomplish when you're stuck inside.

Fake tan to the rescue! If you haven't used self-tanning products before, you might be hesitant to try a self-tanner or spray tan at home. The experts at Fake Bake have your back - and your front - with a step-by-step guide for getting Insta ready or prepping for the best impression during online interviews, meetings or dates. Your best and healthiest glow awaits.

1. Prep your skin.

To achieve flawless Insta-worthy results, you've got to prep your skin before applying any type of tanning lotion. Follow these steps for the best self-tanner outcome:

  • Skip the wax. If you wax the day you self-tan, it won't take and you'll waste a lot of time and money. Wait at least 24 hours after waxing if that's your go-to hair removal method.
  • Shave carefully with a fresh razor. Don't leave any stragglers behind, as they'll inhibit the absorption of your self-tanner and possibly leave streaks. If you plan to tan your arms, we recommend shaving them, as well. An alternative to that is using Fake Bake Flawless Mousse, which is easier to buff into your skin around arm hair. More on that in a minute.
  • Exfoliate. While shaving removes some dead skin cells, you really need to use an exfoliating product that clears the way for great self-tanner absorption without leaving any oily residue. Fake Bake Coconut Exfoliating Wipes get the job done easily with the bonus of a light coconut fragrance that smells like a day at the beach.
  • Smooth out rough patches. Areas like the knees, elbows and ankles tend to absorb more self-tanner, so moisturize them with a light oil-free moisturizer to keep them from getting too dark. 

2. Choose the best self-tanner for face application.

Different types of tanning lotions, mousses and liquids offer varying benefits. Choosing a fast-developing self-tan liquid or a gradual self-tan lotion is a matter of preference. However, you need a fake tan for face that nourishes your skin with botanicals and anti-aging ingredients because Zoom and Insta showcase your mug in great detail. Enhance your gorgeous glow with bronzers and blushes designed to highlight your best assets.

3. Go all in.

You face is your brand online, but your body needs to match that sun-kissed glow on your cheeks. Otherwise, you'll look like you're wearing a mask! Besides, if that Zoom date goes well, you'll want to meet in person eventually, right? Find the best self-tan for sensitive dry skin, pale skin or dark skin at Fake Bake. If this is your first time, our innovative Tanning Water is a great way to go. What is tanning water? It goes on crystal clear, develops into a natural-looking glow in six to eight hours and nourishes your skin with calming passionflower extract.

4. Create an appropriate ambiance.

Whether you're building your Insta following, interviewing remotely for your dream job or going on a virtual first date, choose a background image carefully. You need imagery that suits the situation while showcasing your sun-kissed glow. Beach scenes are a given but consider abstract watercolors or simple textures for a professional feel. Romance blooms in front of flowers or starry backdrops. Just be sure to avoid anything that might go too far, like political themes, pictures of alcohol or off-color memes.

5. Maintain your glow.

Most fake tans last five to 10 days. Though gradual fading is normal - just like tans from frying in the sun - you can take a few steps to enjoy your gorgeous glow to its fullest.

First, exfoliate every two or three days to slough off dead skin cells that cause a dull or ashy cast. Avoid products that contain glycolic, lactic or citric acids because they'll strip away all your careful self-tanning work.

Next, moisturize frequently to keep your skin dewy and fresh. Opt for aloe-based and oil-free moisturizers because oils will erode the pigments in your fake tan.

Third, rejuvenate your self-tan after activities that can cause fading, like intensely sweaty exercise or frequent dips in the pool. This is easy to do by adding a few drops of whatever tanning liquid or lotion you originally used to your oil-free moisturizer. Boost the sun-kissed glow on your face with cosmetics specifically formulated to enhance self-tanning.

Finally, be sure to use sunscreen whenever you're exposed to the sun. Self-tanning lotions and sprays typically do not include any SPF, and you can get sunburned even when your skin looks deeply bronzed.

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