Victoria’s Secret flawless drama and celebrating our own Flawless success…


It’s starting to get to that time of year. Christmas movies have started to appear. In fact, now there are whole channels devoted to them. Michael Buble has started his assault on the festive charts. And the world’s most expensive catwalk show has taken up far more column space than the models’ knickers: the Victoria’s Secret annual show is back, and the tinier the models get, the bigger the drama. It’s a debate we pass backwards and forwards and is a Team Fake Bake classic.

Do the VS Angels all have to be so uniformly tiny? And if so, why?

Victoria’s Secret is now a superbrand. Back in the day, it was just quite a twee little lingerie catalogue, but then when the underwear market really took off in the 1990’s, especially after the success of the Wonderbra, it was time for the brand to take flight. The stores got bigger, the look got sexier, and the VS catwalk show was born. And yet, if you look back at 1999, model Laetitia Casta showed how to rock a curve on the catwalk.

Tyra Banks did the same in 2003.

Over time, though, the standard on the catwalk has been changed and honed. Models like Gisele and Heidi Klum brought in a new gold standard, literally, and now a VS Angel almost has to be other-wordly. Even on our travels in beauty land we rarely meet anyone who looks like one. Maybe that’s the point. Yes, the brand has become more diverse in terms of ethnicity but still the models are toned, tall, and super-super slim with gloriously long locks and a standardized, conventional beauty. Is that a bad thing, or is it what we expect from a VS show?

For any prospective VS Angel, it is difficult enough to get a spot on the runway, and then the hard work begins. None of these girls sits backs and inhales doughnuts in preparation. It is all about grueling preparation in terms of fitness and appearance. And if you look up close, there’s not a sign of cellulite, a hint of body fat, and not so much as an ingrown hair, as this year’s superstars show…

Perhaps there is an argument that the VS is all about fantasy - it is selling us a dream on the bodies of superhuman girls. But how do we feel in reality? Our Fake Bake fave, Ashley Louise James, is an experienced lingerie model but over recent years has been campaigning about body positivity and diversity, and we were really proud to Fake Bake and prep her ready for an alternative to the VS show, where she looked spectacular.

And as our lovely Ashley is all about the brains as well as beauty, she followed it up by appearing on GMTV talking with Kate Garraway about the whole VS debate. Ashley spoke with warmth, humor and intelligence and we are so proud of her. She aced the argument, and we agree with her sentiments. Of course, it’s great to have VS Angels but it would be wonderful to include models like Ashley Graham and Kate Upton in the roster, so we all feel included.

One thing is for sure, though, whether you are on a catwalk or getting ready in your bedroom, everyone wants their skin to look and feel fabulous when they’ve invested in some new lingerie. We tanned Ashley just before her own heavenly shoot, and she looked just lush!

How to get the VS look without the personal trainers, carb-free diets and steel-like willpower? Step forward, Fake Bake and this week we are starting off the party season with a little celebration of our own, as our very own Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Serum recently scooped the Best Tanner: Body Award at Women’s Health Beauty Awards, where our gong was picked up by our Global Creative Consultant, James Harknett.

Flawless is one of our most iconic ranges, and this incarnation is all about creating that high glamour super-luxe tan that looks angelic on every golden body. As it’s festive season you can get yours as part of our Fake Bake Flawless Coconut Serum Christmas Gift Set. It also includes ourCoconut Body Polish which preps your skin ready to tan, as winter skin can become so dull from central heating and winter woolies. Add some of our pretty blushers and you are good to go.

Our final tip is to add our Fake Bake Faux Glo Instant Tan Spray, especially if you are getting your arms and legs runway ready.

So there you have it. You don’t have to be 5-foot-10-inches tall with endless legs to be gorgeous and with beautifully fitted lingerie, a great faux tan and a whole lot of attitude you can work it like an Angel no matter what celestial shape you are. Get ready to party. Oh, and bring your own wings…

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