Self-Tanners from Fake Bake: The Safer Way to Add Color


Who doesn't love to soak up the sun? Before self-tanning products came along, your tan was from exposure to the sun. As new information came out about how damaging UV rays can be to your skin, people turned to self-tanners as a safe way to get a radiant glow.

Much has happened in the evolution of self-tanners since their first introduction in the 1950s. Now you can find a wide array of products to choose from in every shade imaginable. With endless options, choosing the right product for you may be daunting. After reading this article, you'll know more about the different types of tanners you can choose from and how to find the right formula that works for you.

Types of Tanning Products

There several types of self-tanners to choose from, and any of them can give you the sun-kissed color you're looking for.

  • Self-Tanning Lotions

If you're looking for a gradual approach, consider using a self-tanning lotion. These usually take the longest to dry (between 15 and 20 minutes), but they are also incredibly hydrating and will keep your skin soft and supple.

Another great benefit of our lotions is an even, all-over coverage. Leave your worries of streaking behind! When using tanning lotions, you're layering color, so an oopsie today will be covered up tomorrow.

  • Tanning Mousse

Many people prefer to use self-tanning mousse because it's easy to apply and it dries quickly - usually in about five minutes. Self-tanning mousse has a thicker formula, which means there is less chance of streaks because you can massage it into your skin. Self-tanning mousse can also be hydrating, so it can leave your skin feeling smooth.

  • Self-Tanner Serum

If your favorite skin and beauty products feature lightweight formulas, then a tanning serum is a perfect choice for you. Self-tanning serums are easy to use and develop over four to six hours. Simply pump a small amount of serum onto your application gloves and rub it over your body using small, circular motions. Voila! You now have a touch of color that makes you look fantastic.

Our formula is packed with nourishing ingredients proven to be great for the skin too. The coconut oil moisturizes and improves skin tone, hyaluronic acid plumps and moisturizes the skin, glycerin helps retain moisture and silk amino acids are the finishing touch.

  • Tanning Liquid Sprays

Self-tan sprays are great if you're strapped for time. In an hour or less, you can be sun-kissed from head to toe. Liquid sprays are a great option if you're wanting to achieve more color in less time.

  • Tanning Water

If you're looking for another gradual tanner to give you a beautiful glow, try a tanning water. Formulated from water and containing vitamins and DHA, you can use this product on your body and your face. After following the easy application instructions, your skin will shine with a natural-looking sun-kissed look.

Finding the Right Formula

Not only do self-tanners come in different forms, but also in a variety of shades. To ensure that your tan looks natural, you'll want to choose a tone closest to your natural skin color.

If you're fair skinned, the best choice for you would be a buildable tanner that adds color to your skin gradually. Any streaking or unevenness tend to be more noticeable on fair skin, so using a lotion for even coverage might be in your best interest.

If you have a medium skin tone, look for a medium-depth self-tanner. For a dark skin tone, consider using a gradual-build self-tanner or a dark self-tanner to give your skin a healthy, bronze glow.

Self-Tanners Made for You

When it comes to finding the right self-tanner for all of your needs, Fake Bake has you covered. With a broad range of tanning products to choose from, you are sure to find the radiant glow you're looking for.

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