How To Create A Gorgeous Glow To Match Your Party Dress


Winter can seem incredibly drab and dull. The world loses its color and is bathed in hues of gray. If there’s one thing to keep your spirits up, it’s the ability to head out to fun parties. The outfit you wear gives you the chance to add some vibrancy and elegance to boring old winter. To ensure you look amazing when wearing your wintery best, you need to create a gorgeous party glow. That means giving your skin a sun-kissed look without having to lay in the sun’s damaging rays. At Fake Bake, we off a variety of products to ensure you look stunning and sophisticated in your party outfit.

Complete Your Look

You spent a lot of time finding the perfect party dress. Now, you need to make sure your look is complete. It’s winter, yes, but your skin can still look radiant by using the right bronzing product for you. Here are some options you should consider for finding your own must-have self-tanners:

Tanning Mousse

If you’re looking for a product that is silky smooth and easy to apply, then you need to see what Flawless Mousse can do for you. What makes this product so amazing is that it is mild and can be used on all different types of skin. Even if you have sensitive skin, the gentle bronzing formula in this mousse will make you look more fabulous than usual.

Self-Tanning Lotion

When it comes to products that can be absorbed deeply into your skin to give you a natural, healthy-looking tan, our Original Self-Tan Lotion can’t be beat! The lotion glides easily over your skin and adds a deep, rich radiance. One application is enough to impress everyone with your lovely tan, but if you want a deeper shade, you can add more lotion over a few consecutive days.

Double Shot Espresso

Speaking of dark tans, if you’re looking for a product that will make it look like you just returned from vacation on a tropical island where you laid on the beach all day, you’ll want to use our Double Shot Espresso Formula. This sunless tanner will complement your holiday outfit and leave you looking and feeling dazzling.

Airbrush Self-Tan

If you want a tan that looks like you stepped out of the salon, then our Airbrush Instant Self-Tan might be exactly what you’re looking for. This product can be sprayed directly onto your skin from any angle. Apply at night the day before your big event, and by the time you’re looking beautiful in your party dress, your skin will also look lustrous.

A Self-Tan Glow that Will Get You Noticed

Winter is a dark time of year, which is why twinkling lights are such a major attraction. If you’re looking to add a glow of your own to this time of year, then adding a sun-kissed look to your skin using self-tanner can help with that endeavor. The right products will also add something extra to your party outfit and make you look amazing. Here at Fake Bake, we have a wide variety of products for any and all skin types. Find your sunless tanner at our website today!

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