For Streak-Free Self-Tans Every Time - Products You Need


With so many self-tanners, it can feel like there’s no use. Sure, maybe you pay less than you would at a salon, but the results usually show it. We’ve all been there: you end up streaky at best and orange at worst. At least, that used to be the case. With Fake Bake’s self-tanners, you can get a professional, streak-free look while staying within your budget. Use one of Fake Bake’s excellent self-tanners, like their Tanning Water or Original Self-Tan Lotion, along with the Fake Bake Body Mate or the application mitt to achieve a perfect, natural look every time.

Ultimate Tanning Application Mitt

Fake Bake’s Ultimate Tanning Application Mitt makes it super easy to apply any of their self-tanners evenly. The plush mitt makes every application a luxurious experience and is sure to turn your self-tan routine into a self-care routine. The mitt also comes lined with a moisture barrier, so your hands will stay protected without extra application gloves. All you need to do is slide the mitt on, apply any self-tanner to the mitt and glide over your skin. You can also use the mitt to gently remove any excess tanner so you don’t end up with any blotches. The sizable mitt will cover a large area for an effective application that will help you make sure there are no untanned spots left behind.

Body Mate 360° Applicator

Take your commitment to being streak-free one step further with the Body Mate 360° Self-Tanning Applicator. The Body Mate is just over two feet long and is five inches wide, so it can get to the hard-to-reach places your hands can’t. The easy-grip handles give you total control as you glide the applicator over your skin for a smooth and effortless experience. Fake Bake’s Body Mate is made from soft microfiber, so the application will feel as good as your tan will look. The Body Mate is a must-have for guaranteed total coverage and an even, streak-free tan.