Fake Bake Friends Product Series - Why We Love Tanning Water


Has self tanning burned you? Maybe you’ve had it with old school smelly lotions. Streaky uneven products that screams fake tan. Waking up to heavily stained sheets and pajamas. Maybe your significant other complaining about your not-so lovely nighttime self tan odor. Going from fair to startlingly orange. Feeling like it just takes up too much time. These are all common complaints we hear about many self tanners. Let’s see how Fake Bake Tanning Water will change your perception of the self tanning experience.

Tanning Water eliminates all these worries. It’s our purest, easiest, cleanest, no fail product to getting that glow you want. So, why exactly are we so crazy about Tanning Water? (Because we really are).

A Different Self-Tanning Experience

For starters, Tanning Water is a clear light foam, not lotion. That

means no more messy, streaky globs like some tanners. It’s simple to apply and has a clean refreshing texture. There is just something oddly relaxing and satisfying about pumping out that airy foam and massaging it onto your skin. Instantly it air dries so you can get dressed without worry. Skin will feel soft and hydrated, not sticky. You might be tempted to wonder if anything is happening, but give it 6-8 hours and you will wake up with a beautiful tan.

No Color Transfer

Due to some prior bad experiences with tanners, some may be concerned about color transfer to clothes and linens. This is common, and usually washes right out….but for many this is a deal breaker. When it comes to your tanning routine, sometimes less is just more. This is our only product with absolutely no application color. Tanning Water looks just like..water! No added color so you won’t need to worry about any color transfer to clothes or bedding. The only color changes you will notice are all on your skin the next day.

You will still be streak free due to the easy to blend foam and included blending mitt. Our tanning mitt protects your hands, and makes blending your tan sooo easy.

Speaking of color, Tanning Water delivers a very natural looking tan. Looks like you. It delivers a natural light to medium tint that is great for fair to medium toned skin. No alarming orange tones here, just a healthy looking glow that says you are enjoying your summer.

Another feature some may appreciate is that Tanning Water has a very light smell that fades quickly. Great for those who are a little more sensitive to fragrances. It has skin soothing passion flower included and is a good product for sensitive skin types.

Prepare Your Skin For Self-Tanning

To get started, moisturize all those rough spots like elbows and knees. Our Coconut Exfoliating Wipes are great to gently exfoliate those areas as well. Pump out foam and apply in circular motions to skin with the mitt. You will find rotating between hands helpful, ie, use right hand to apply to left leg. No need to rinse off! It couldn’t get easier.

Self tanning shouldn’t be a chore. It should be an enjoyable experience, leaving you feeling pampered and gorgeous. We highly recommend Tanning Water for those who have never tanned, or feel like they haven’t found a self tanner that’s right for them. You might never be the same. You CAN have it all. A life, a tan, and white sheets.

Stay cozy and calm this fall and give Tanning Water a try.

Your Fake Bake Friends

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