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If you have been following Fake Bake for a minute, you have no doubt see our Flawless product line. Smooth application, fast drying, easy to use color guide, and a gorgeous natural bronzed end result.

A Flawless Range Of Self-Tanners

FlawlessFlawless DarkerFlawless MousseFlawless Coconut Serum.

So much flawless, so little time. Where to start? The flawless products are our largest line up and it has little something for everyone. So let’s dive deeper and hopefully you will find out which one suites you best.

First up: Let’s start with Flawless.

Self-Tan in a liquid form. Flawless is good for all skin types. It has a built-in color guide so you never miss a spot. Even if you can’t get away for the vacation you’ve been wanting yet, this product has a black coconut scent that takes you away to the tropics. It comes with a mitt that is a game changer for an easy and smooth application. Seriously, not having to buy a separate application tool is so nice.

Love flawless but not sold on the liquid form? Maybe mousse is more your speed. Well, hold the phone because Flawless Mousse has it all. The same gorgeous glow but pumps out in an airy bubbly mousse that is easy to apply in just the right amount. This again comes with a mitt to evenly distribute and blend the color in. It also contains the color guide so no streaking later. This works great on all skin types an

Ok so you have tried Flawless and loved it. But…maybe you are ready to go a little bolder. We think you will love Flawless Darker. All the Flawless goodness but just a little darker so you don’t have to keep reapplying. This comes in a liquid formula and with an application mitt like the others. It also has a fresh tropical coconut scent. This is great for all skin types, and can be used by all skin tones.d tones, even sensitive skin. A great entry level product if you are new to self tanning. Not too dark and easy to apply, with a mild coconut fragrance.

Darker will leave you with a satisfyingly darker tan that looks bronzed and exotic. A little more bang for your buck than the original flawless formula. Some may want to jump right into it, others may want to try flawless original first. No bad choices!!

Either way the color guide and soft easy to use mitt will help you blend things together seamlessly and leave you will all the island feels.

Next up on our Flawless tour, is Flawless Coconut Serum. Now that just sound fancy right? But what is it?

All of the flawless products can be gently applied to the face while avoiding the eye area. With all new products, we always recommend a patch test first especially on sensitive skin types. (You know who you are!)

This product was specifically designed for the body AND face. This contains the same active tanning ingredients and easy color guide. In addition it has coconut oil and Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid may sound scary, but not to worry. It is actually usually very well tolerated and is a natural humectant. This means that it draws in moisture and attracts water to the surface of the skin, reducing moisture loss. Skin looks and feels plumper and hydrated, with less little annoying lines and wrinkles to stare back at. Just a little extra special treat for your face. Great for travel when you want to cut down on multiple skin care products and have minimal application time.

Self-Tanning Made Easy

All of the Flawless products have the same main active tanning ingredients. They all have about a 6-8 hour application time. We recommend first using our coconut wipes to exfoliate those rough spots like knees elbows and ankles, and moisturizing first. A great time to do this is in the evening so that you can blissfully sleep while your tan develops. Then the extra just rinses off in the shower in the morning. Your tan will last 3 days to 7 depending upon your lifestyle and how moisturized you keep your skin. A great follow up is to mist skin with our mistifier spray for refreshing hydration.

We hope this makes choosing your next product a little easier-and fun! Happy Tanning!

Your Fake Bake Friends

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