Fake Bake Body Glow Bronzing Lotion


Product Feature: Fake Bake Body Glow Bronzing Lotion

Summer is coming fast. When temperatures soar, it’s time to show a little skin. Looking for an amazing product that will add some sparkle and shine to your Fake Bake sunless tan? Let us introduce you to one of our best-selling products: Body Glow Bronzing Lotion.

Highlight and Add a Luminous Look

This luxurious bronze glow indoor tanning lotion is just the thing to highlight your body and make your best features more luminous. With its beautiful gold micro-flecks and soft bronze color, you’ll positively shine in the sun. Throw it in your handbag or beach bag to take the glow on the road or to the beach. This go-anywhere lotion is a must-have for summertime and all year long.

Show Off Your Best Features

Add our bronzing lotion anywhere that needs a little oomph, could use a little more drama or that would benefit from a richer color. Apply it to your calves and thighs for a glow when you’re wearing a skirt or short shorts. Wearing your favorite V-neck or scoop neck blouse? Our exclusive bronzing lotion will draw even more attention to your collarbone and décolletage. Highlight your shoulders when you're wearing an off-the-shoulder top, make your cheekbones pop and highlight the tip of your nose for a stand-out sunkissed look that makes it seem as if you’ve spent time in the sun. This special formula is perfect for in between your Fake Bake applications too.

Nurturing and Moisturizing

Did we mention that this tinted moisturizer is great for your skin? It hydrates and soothes dry skin. Whether your favorite Fake Bake formula is a liquid, lotion or our light-as-air Flawless Mousse, this moisturizing lotion will keep that Fake Bake sunless tan looking amazing longer — up to one week. Bonus: It is chock full of premium ingredients, such as flower extracts as well as nourishing Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

It's Easy to Glow

It couldn't be easier to apply this bronzer to accentuate your skin and body’s best features. For a spot application, simply use clean fingers to apply and blend. For larger areas, such as your legs, thighs and décolletage, we suggest using our retractable Fake Bake Kabuki Brush. Blend well and voila! Perfection in an instant. For a visual demonstration and to see just how quick and easy it is to apply, check out the video on the Body Glow Bronzing Lotion’s product page.

Accentuate the Positive with Fake Bake Lotions and Cosmetics

Whether you break out this sunless bronzer lotion for a special occasion or reach for it every day to feel extra glamorous and moisturize, you won’t be disappointed in the results. Don’t miss our other cosmetics that give stunning dimension to your Fake Bake sunless tan. Our Bronzing Compact is the perfect companion to this bronzing lotion and enhances your skin wherever it’s applied. Best of all? Our products mean you won't have to spend hours in the damaging ultraviolet rays. Go ahead and get glowing — our exclusive bronzing lotion for the face and body makes it easier than ever to stand out in a crowd.

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