Fake Bake and Ruby Rose: Tanning Batwoman


Fake Bake and Ruby Rose: Renegade Tanning for Our Red Carpet Batwoman

We first came across Ruby Rose as Stella Carlin when she popped up on a newish show that was doing rather well on Netflix, way back in 2015. "Orange Is The New Black." You may have heard of it. Then we met her for real, when our trusty Team Fake Bake tanned her for the MTV EMAs, and we were absolutely bowled over by her beauty, her personal style and the type of cheekbones that are only granted by nature. You can't contour them, you can't cheat them, and you can't buy them. Fact. She absolutely rocked her Fake Bake tan that night and, instead of going for the usual starlet dress, she killed it in a tux. The stage had literally been set for a glittering future, and luckily for us, we have been with her all the way.

It came as no surprise to us when Ruby Rose recently announced that she has been cast by the CW, the channel that brings us brilliance such as Riverdale, to play Batwoman. And as befits the year and timescale, she's no ordinary superhero, super heroine or trusty sidekick. This is a kick-ass gal of such strength that she can carry this role all on her own merit.

As Ruby Rose said herself on her announcing Insta post…

"The Bat is out of the bag, and I am beyond thrilled and honoured. I'm also an emotional wreck, as this is a childhood dream."

What is it about this amazing Australian that has captured our imaginations and won our hearts and minds? In a world full of PR spin and controlling and editing every parts of our lives - celebs do it, we do it - Ruby Rose is the absolute polar opposite. Funny, witty, engaging and absolutely transparent when it comes to talking about life, love, sexuality and fame, she's not just going to be Batwoman. We like to think of her as the first Totally Woke Batwoman.

Ruby Rose has the kind of appeal which means she can be avant-garde and mainstream all at the same time - hello Pitch Perfect franchise heaven. She also has the kind of beauty which is both classic and contemporary combined. And in a beauty world where we feel so many famous faces are all beginning to morph into the same vision, she holds her own and flies her own flag. She's a Grace Kelly kind of wonderful with a Siouxsie Sioux punk edge. You can't manufacture her look and style, but like us, you can certainly be inspired.

As for fashion, she takes really simple pieces and makes them standout stars. From ballgowns to double denim, she just slips something onto those elegant shoulders and brings anything she wears to life. We have been lucky since that first meeting to have helped get Ruby Rose red-carpet ready so many times, and she also surprises us with her choices. You know how some famous faces are kind of chained to the same look? Not Ruby Rose. She can wear '50s inspired girlie to pin-straight tailoring and everything in between. That makes her a one-off.

She does love a golden glow but, coming from probably the most sun-aware nation on the planet, her tan is the only faux thing about her. And that's why we love her. She also sticks with brands she knows and loves, and of course, Team Fake Bake are just devoted. We are always excited to see what she is going to do next, and we love hearing her take on life.

And, just for the record, we also adore her off-duty put-togethers. This is just for the ticket for end-of-summer chic. We'd definitely double that look ourselves with the help of our very own Fake Bake DoubleShot Espresso. It is literally the strong superhero product in our range, our ultimate kick-ass gel. Concentrated, easy to apply, streak-free and fast developing, it is for the fearless tanner who wants to make her very own style statement. Pretty princess types in pink need not apply.

We love DoubleShot Espresso because it works so beautifully to bring a deep, well-developed tan, even in lighter skin tones, like Ruby's. If you want to achieve the stunning self-tan of Batwoman, we highly recommend giving DoubleShot a try!

Hey, we can be honest here, this is our voice. We love that we get to work with so many great people - we just don't have a type in any way. From girl-next-door to rock chick, from Geordie Shore to Hollywood, we just like making everyone look and feel fabulous. You don't need to keep up with anyone with us - everyone is included. You are all welcome in our tanning tents, and we hope you also find space for our nozzles and tubes on your bathroom shelves. We are honoured that you get involved. You are all in our Team.

One life lesson we always learn from Ruby Rose is: It is always okay to be just who you are. You are beautiful and wonderful and fearless. Put on that superhero mask every day, an invisible one helps out here in the Real World, and go out there and show the world exactly what you are made of.

Oh, and you can never, ever go wrong with a tan and a tux. It's simply impossible.

Want to capture the same stunning self-confidence as Ms. Rose? Start with Fake Bake self-tanning products! We have everything you need to prepare, apply and maintain a Batwoman-worthy complexion that makes you feel like a real-deal celeb.

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