Fair-Skinned Tips for Achieving a Beautiful Fake Tan


Ask anyone with fair skin about the beauty frustrations that go along with this - everything from fighting a washed-out look to covering up visible veins. Unfortunately, pale skin has no color camouflage for redness, so any blood rushing to a pale face shows up as a vivid flush. And in the search for hues to brighten up their paler canvas, they often find out that the wrong colors can look even worse.

Getting a suntan would seem to be the solution for the fair-complected, but they often wind up burning rather than tanning. As far as self-tanning, many who have tried it say their skin comes out looking orangey and streaky. There is hope, however. Consider the following tips on how to not only live with, but appreciate, pale skin:

1. Shade is Beautiful. People with fair skin produce less melanin, or natural pigment, than darker-toned people. Melanin lends protection from sun damage, which is the reason fair skin tends to burn in the sun rather than tan. Due to their heightened risk for all sun-related skin dangers - sunburn, skin damage, premature aging and skin cancer - pale individuals need to exercise special caution to minimize ultraviolet exposure. That means sunbathing and tanning beds are out of their tanning equation.

Once the right self-tanning formula is found by anyone, regardless of their skin tone, sun protection needs to be maintained. Sunless tanning products can bring virtually anyone a gorgeous glow, but they do not contain an SPF. This is up to everyone individually, and especially those with fair skin.

2. Let Go of the Past. Although some fair-skinned individuals claim self-tanners don't work, formulations have actually come a long way. These days, self-tanning lotions, gels, mousses and liquids formulas have been improved with higher quality, more natural ingredients. It may be time to re-explore the latest self-tanning options.

3. Take Time to Research. Check the product descriptions carefully. Most experts recommend formulas containing naturally derived ingredients to lower the chances of irritation. Also, avoid products that contain alcohol, which can cause dryness in some skin types.

4. Do a Test. Before using any self-tanner, try it on a small area of skin first. Choose an area that is normally covered by clothes. Check to make sure your skin doesn't become irritated, and take a look at the final developed color. If one formulation doesn't work or the color isn't right, there are others that will satisfy. Don't give up!

5. Prep and Apply with Care. Whether pale-complexioned or not, many people don't get good results with self-tanners because they don't prepare their skin properly for application. It's very important to follow all the recommendations for using fake tan products to avoid unevenness and streakiness. Generally speaking, the greater the care taken to prepare and apply, the better the end result will be.

6. Practice to Perfection. First attempts at self-tanning may bring less-than-thrilling results, but this is true for anyone, not just fair-skinned people. With continued practice at preparation and application, better self-tans are almost a guarantee. Don't throw in the towel before achieving that radiant color tone, possible for anyone with today's sophisticated self-tanning formulations.

7. Product Suggestions. At Fake Bake, we are committed to offering the best-quality and most effective self-tanning products available. We don't take this mission lightly, and we are continually looking to improve our self-tanning 

formulations. Below are products we particularly recommend for fair-complexioned people who may be new to self-tanning:

  • Fair Gradual Self-Tan Lotion Just because you have fair skin, it doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a lightly bronzed glow, if that suits your vibe. Fake Bake Fair is also your option if you want to go subtle. We have dialed down our signature tanning agents, but our color guide means you can see exactly where your product is going. The finish? A softly filtered golden glow.
  • The Face Anti-Aging Self-Tan Lotion with Matrixyl-3000 is designed specifically for use on the face. Clinical levels of Sederma's Matrixyl-3000 in this formulation help to counteract the appearance of wrinkles. At the same time, botanicals nourish and hydrate delicate facial skin. The color development is gentle and safe, so the product can be used on consecutive days to build deeper color. It's perfect for those with fair skin because it puts the level of tan in the user's hands.

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