A Guide to Self-Tanning for Teens


Getting ready to go back to school can be stressful for teens. Not only does it signal that summer break is over, but it also means a return of that social pressure to both fit in and stand out. While you are running around buying new notebooks, pens, clothing and shoes, you may want to add Fake Bake sunless tanning products to your back-to-

school shopping list. Self- tanning for teens carries more benefits than a glorious golden glow; it can also make them feel better about the summer-to-school transition.

Help Protect Your Teen’s Skin

Fake Bake sunless tanners are a much better alternative to baking your skin in the sun. Prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to sunburn, premature aging and potentially even skin cancer. Anything you can do to encourage your teen to forego laying out in favor of skin-saving sunless tanning is a good thing. 

Hopefully, your teen is already a regular sunscreen user, but they may be at that age when they are more concerned with how their skin looks now than how it may look in a few decades. Teens are not always aware of the long-term consequences of things like excessive sun exposure. The more you reinforce the skin-saving aspect of no-sun tanning products, the more likely your young adult is to stick to a healthier, sun-free tan. 

Feeling Fierce All Year Long 

The social pressures that teenagers navigate can take a toll on anyone's self-esteem. Teens want to look their best and feel good about themselves, especially in this era of selfies and social media. The best self-tanner for teens can boost their confidence and help them deal with the occasional bout of teenage insecurity. 

While most people today understand the dangers of tanning for hours in the sun, the desire to have a radiant tan has 

never gone away. Fake Bake sunless tanning products can give teens a sun-kissed look that they can maintain throughout the school year. 

Celebrating Summer

Those long summer days spent outdoors by the pool or on a family vacation may be in the books, but with sunless tanning, your teen can hold on to that summertime vibe all school year long. A golden tan is like a visual reminder of summer memories that may make sitting inside a classroom a little easier. 

Learning Self-Care 

Going back to school can be overwhelming for teens, especially if they feel they have no control over their days with the burden of homework, after-school jobs and extracurricular activities. What better way to encourage your adolescent to prioritize balance and self-care than with a no- tan routine

When they realize how much better they feel about themselves with a dazzling sunless tan, they may be more likely to set aside time for better hygiene and grooming, which are great habits to instill before the next chapter of their lives.

Fake Bake is all about feeling and looking your best at any age. Check out our fan-favorite best sellers, including our Flawless® Self-Tan Liquid and Airbrush Self-Tanning Spray, when you do your back-to-school shopping for your teens.

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