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Nitrile Application Gloves (6 Pairs)


The Best Gloves for Self-Tanning Application!

We all know that a good self-tan starts with a solid pre-treatment and some nitrile gloves. In order to achieve that perfectly natural, sun-kissed glow all over your body, you have to apply them with clean, dry hands. Nitrile gloves not only help evenly distribute color throughout your body, but also protect your hands from the dreaded spotty, stained palms. Use nitrile gloves to easily apply self-tanner on the face and body.  

These are 100% latex-free nitrile gloves. These gloves are water-resistant and highly protective, making them perfect for applying self-tan products, including lotions, liquids, mousses and oil-free moisturizers. Note that some self-tanners should be applied with the application mitt included, along with a pair of gloves worn beneath for extra protection against staining. Comes with six pairs of nitrile gloves.  Color may vary.

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Nitrile Application Gloves (6 Pairs)
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